This online activity presents the Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship through recorded learning activities in the form of lecture and case study review. 

The VIP Ultrasound Case Review System provides access to our Case Library, with over 500 vascular ultrasound cases presented for interpretation and assessment. The Case Study Review System will help you prepare you for the Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) examination.

This is a comprehensive course covering a wide variety of vascular ultrasound exams including carotid, dialysis access, upper extremity venous, lower extremity arterial and venous including insufficiency, physiologic studies and abdominal Doppler. Each section includes lecture that reviews anatomy, hemodynamics, pathology and intervention. Multiple exams have hands on scan instruction and case study review included in the course. 

This unique course combines lecture, scanning protocol, hands on scanning technique, and case study review in on online format. Lecture includes anatomy, venous hemodynamics, scanning protocol, treatment options and post procedure imaging. Scan lab includes the deep and superficial assessment of the lower extremity for reflux and thrombus. We also include a special section for scanning technique for new practioners. Finally, we review a few actual cases to reinforce the material.